Air Cooler With Small Ac Axial Fan

Air Cooler With Small Ac Axial Fan

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EHP-SAC cooler drive by Small AC motor ,it is divided into two categories of single-phase and three phase AC motor and mainly used in the cooling of industrial gear box、 hydraulic system 、machine etc. Aluminum cooler ‘s maximum cooling capacity is 15KW at ETD 40℃。 Our software and engineers can help you to choose the correct and economical cooler.
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Ac motor cooler’s maximum dynamic operating pressure is 14bar and maximum static operating pressure is 21bar.The cooler is drived by single-phase and three-phase ac mo tor. The motor’s voltage and frequency is divided into 380V 50HZ、220V 50HZ voltage. Please contact us under the special voltage and environment.
Pressure Drop Curve
Pressure drop curve

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