Shell &tube heat exchanger

  • HST – N series

    HST – N series

    (1) Adopt advanced tube fin design to increase the heat dissipation area. Make the cooling medium fully heat. Compared with the traditional straight pipe heat dissipation performance, the heat dissipation effect is obviously improved. Product features 1. Six processes water cooling 2. Small volume and large heat exchange area 3. European export type, high water quality requirements, when necessary to install filters 4. Save water Product specification Hst-n Series Selection curve (6 channe...
  • HST – M series

    HST – M series

    Product features 1.. Four process water cooling 2. Square cast iron cover 3. Small volume and large heat exchange area 4. Save water content                                                  The oil side             water Maximum operating pressure              20bar                    20bar Experimental pressure                         33bar                     33bar Maximum operating temperature        100℃                    100℃ Product specification Hts-m Series selection curve (4 chan...