HST – M series

HST – M series

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Product features
1.. Four process water cooling
2. Square cast iron cover
3. Small volume and large heat exchange area
4. Save water
content                                                  The oil side             water
Maximum operating pressure              20bar                    20bar
Experimental pressure                         33bar                     33bar
Maximum operating temperature        100℃                    100℃


Product specification



Hts-m Series selection curve (4 channels)
The curve is based on the following conditions
Oil ISO VG32
The inlet temperature of oil is 60℃
The inlet temperature of water is 32℃
Oil water ratio 3:1
Structure 4 channel
Oil pressure loss = 0.1 Mpa (1 bar)
= 0.15 Mpa (1.5 bar)
Water pressure loss 0.01Mpa-0.1mpa (0.1bar)


The flow of water
Minimum flow (L/Min) Maximum flow (L/Min)
HST - M - 3 5 to 35
HST - M - 4 20, 65
HST - M - 5 25, 90
HST - M - June 25, 100
HST - M - 8 to 30, 170



Product selection steps
1. Please select the flow rate (L/min) and Heat exchange (KCZL/HR) select the appropriate model
2. Beyond the use conditions of the model catalog or hope to get more detailed To select the technical data, simply fill out the product selection specification form on the next page After the necessary matters by fax or email to my company, I The company will try to select the results in the shortest possible time

Precautions for Use
1. In order to use this product more safely, please read it carefully before use
Operation manual, and confirm matters needing attention and disclaimer.
2. Use common mineral oils (glycolic acid gels with fluid markings, phosphoric acid, etc.)
In the selection of model must be selected separately, do not use the specified fluid.
3. Do not exceed the maximum pressure and temperature when using the product
4. Use cooling water
The cooling water of our standard oil cooler is usually tap water
Groundwater, industrial water and comply with the water quality standards in the table below, do not use polluted water


Failure to comply with this content will exclude you from warranty.
1. Use
Do not use for any purpose other than oil cooler
[Cases that cannot be used]
The heater
Use non-oil fluids (air, gas, etc.)

2. Use fluids
Do not use fluids other than ordinary mineral oil
Consult the technical development department if you want to use fluids other than those specified

3. Use pressure and temperature
When using, it is forbidden to exceed the highest pressure and the highest temperature.

Maximum service pressure = outside the tube (oil test) 15bar (1.5mpa)
= Tube (water test) 10bar (1.0mpa)

Maximum operating temperature =100℃ (but oil inlet temperature and water inlet temperature should not exceed 80℃)

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